We fundamentally believe that you can’t shoot what you don’t carry. With that in mind we developed our EDC (every day carry) package that is suitable for any situation known to man.

We started with the reliability, functionality and versatility of the single stack G43. We then took the frame and gave it the 5TC stipple that is aggressive enough to give you suburb grip where need, but keeping in mind you will have to wear under clothing, we kept the texture a smooth velvet feel to the skin. Next we made sure to polish all the internals and replace the stock trigger with a GlockKraft trigger. Doing all this delivers reduced pre-travel, shorter reset and a smoother overall trigger pull with crisp reset all while retaining all OEM safeties. Trijicon tritium night sights are a must and are far better than the factory sights. Finally we removed all the manufacturers markings on the slide while adding front cocking serrations for press checks. This gives the pistol a sleek look and elegant style people look for in a custom EDC. With the 5TC EDC you can carry while dressed in anything from gym shorts to a suit and tie.

Kit includes:

  • Custom slide with front cocking serrations and all manufactures marking removed for a sleek, elegant look.
  • Glockcraft Defensive Application Trigger
  • All internals polished to lighten and smooth trigger pull
  • Trijicon Tritium Night Sights 
  • Frame stippled for positive weapon control
  • Garret silent thunder IWB (inside waist band) holster

Contact 5TC today to learn more or reserve yours while they last. Call (972) 416-4181 or email us at Info@5ToesCustom.com.